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Read My Reviews

I’m a regular reviewer for poetry magazine The Alchemy Spoon, which is edited by talented trio Roger Bloor, Vanessa Lampert and Mary Mulholland. You can order a copy of the magazine or read older copies here:

My First Poetry Collection Out Now

My First Poetry Collection Out Now

I’m so pleased to be working with Fly On The Wall Press on my first book of eco-poetry called We Saw It All Happen which was published in January 2023 and you can order it here:

I’ve spent the last five years writing responses to the climate crisis and have been working with editor Isabelle Kenyon and her fabulous team at Fly On The Wall in selecting poems, among them being Little Whirlpool Ramshorn Snail which you can read here:

Poem for Pens Of The Earth

Poem for Pens Of The Earth

In The Pine Forest

where fir cones are home to creatures
that congregate to roll in sandy ashes
or thread through sticky sticks of needles

where beetles raise silver hymns
to the light and dark lives cower
behind small bark for protection

from a supercharged sun –
where longleaf pines gaze straight up
to sip the weak underside of sky

silhouettes filleted on the blue
that rock with the swing of hot rain
where the ditch-black trees stand

in stock-still night, in graveyard dark
where nothing else thrives
this is where pines breathe –

resinous, resonant with heat,
a hot heady tree gauze
gathering on the high canopy

an arboreal aerosol, a terpene
cocktail of sweet pine scents
microscopic droplets of hope

gathering in a protective nebula
a brief breathing space to help
an overheating Earth to cope –

this is where the taigas waver
where the last scented candle
still flickers at the ends of the world.

Inspiration: The inspiration for this poem was an article from 2014 in Nature magazine (picked up by BBC News) about research by an international group of scientists which found that vapours produced by pine trees turn into “aerosols” above boreal forests which then promote cooling by reflecting sunlight back into space. Walking in a pine forest is a powerful sensory experience anyway and I wanted to capture both that and its potential to alleviate climate change.

Pens Of The Earth:
Image by Robert Balog from Pixabay