Poem in MAGMA magazine

Little Whirlpool Ramshorn Snail was chosen by editors Cheryl Moskowitz, Maya Chowdhry and Yvonne Reddick to be one of the poems in the Anthropocene issue of Magma. The magazine also includes work by the likes of Joy Harjo, Dom Bury and Isabel Galleymore so I feel very honoured. You can buy a copy it from the Magma website:

Little Whirlpool Ramshorn Snail

A name twenty times its length, curled
on a page indexing threatened species –
smaller even than a waterboatman’s oar
pushed out to the fringes of extinction.

These water specks, scaled-down ammonites,
translucent on the edge of a Sussex ditch,
crawl among the marginals, dodging carp
to clamp onto reeds they still call home.

Despite the incursion, the plucky Ramshorns
cling on, skim ditches for scraps of algae,
flattened whorls spiralling ever further down
through the ferny fringes of a marshy nook.

Small coils that spin in a run-down clock,
man’s hands have been moving against them,
conchologists wading in to their rescue,
trying to wind the miniature cogs back.