Julian Bishop: “Changeling”

my nature changed
my moods monsooned I cast spells of rain
wept ice melt
swept by tropical depressions
my skin fracked organs fragmented
my hives left starved

spring brought a new start
each one sooner than the last by June my chestnut hair
withered with blight
houses blazed in my wake
dust devils danced wild flowers turned to rape
bees supplanted by drones

there was no quick switch
no single trade but a slow sea change
tides edged higher
my mouth became a swollen river
flotsam hardened to plastic discarded fish
silvered my heatwaves

sceptics rubbished me
labelled me a myth ignored the trickle
of microbeads
into basins where I washed
a slow-building catastrophe inexorable drift
to no snow

now I caress chimney breasts
sleep on their grates primed by firelighters
to fly up the flue
contorted in a bawl of flame
nothing left but a pyroclastic cloud
of hex and ash.